New York's Very Own Classic Youtube Personality "Shimmy" Makes A Return!

New York's Very Own Classic YouTube Personality "Shimmy", Now Titled "Shimmy AP, - Shimmy Already Platinum".

A young and inspiring jack of all trades that includes his lively comedic personality, video blogging, music, film, and producing. Once making waves through the internet abruptly went into hiatus.

Though it may have seemed as if Shimmy was done and uninspired, truly a metamorphosis was unfolding. Now he makes his return with new content that includes music and film prepared for the upcoming year. A little peak into some of the content Shimmy will be releasing is his official iPhone app “Shimmy Rock” which is downloadable in the Apple App Store via -

Also Available is his end of the year major hit "Spaceship" Available On all major music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and Sound-cloud -

Also another notable tracks apart of his discography includes his Double Viral Video "I Just Want The "Shimmy Rock". This incredible talent has come a long way in building his platform, business & label. "Rockalur Entertainment" being the #1 public figure in Northern New York Area has reached well over 10 million and more Content Views Total. When recently asked about his hiatus, and career path, here is what shimmy had to say..

"I didn't know my old Goals (as a YouTube Personality) would be today’s biggest flex, greatest past time or even largest revenuable income [if that’s a word], I used to make YouTube content because I naturally enjoyed the art of the process, the idea, the shooting, & especially the editing, as I edited all my own content in the past, and now seeing "vlogging" is just a normal thing for all artist, musicians, poplar family idols and smaller people looking to show more possibility of life to the world, I took a step back and told myself "if the comeback isn't as strong & powerful as if I never left & I don't make the difference for people to know.. Remember, I should say, that I was, (soon to be shown, still am) not A.. but "The" original NY online personality before Instagram, Vine & even before Facebook allowed videos.. than I've wasted 9 years of my own career to only be a season remembrance. & that’s unacceptable, I have to win, I have be the best now"

Shimmy AP has also managed and leveraged many connections and/or collaborations with Some of the top artist such as Kid The Wiz, LiveLikeDavis, TJ Porter, SNS, and so much more. We are extremely excited to see what Shimmy has in stored for us in the near future.

And you can follow his content at these Social Media Links :

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