Death Threats To Hudson Valley Lawmaker

With election season coming rapidly there are no surprises when it comes to dirty play in politics, ranging from the White House down to our local county. Dutchess County Legislator, Giancarlo Llaverias won the overall voting 2 years ago to become Dutchess County Legislator in what many people considered a landslide. This year with almost a guarantee to be placed into the seat again for the 2nd term , his opponent Margaret Kakish (whom he defeated that previous year) is doing any and everything in her power to make sure that does not happen again. Sending screenshots of Facebook posts Giancarlo had made dating all the way back to 2011. Sending those posts to many different local sites & media that of course are not in favor of Democratic views with names blacked out, certain words cropped out, & the context of what he was implying, twisted in a way the caption only reads that Giancarlo only stated back in 2011 "It's not rape, It's called surprise sex".

That original status came from a previous college friend that stated this in his comedic monologue at an open mic. Now with a caption like that in todays age where the 1st impression is everything, everyone has posted/shared that article saying what a disgusting man Giancarlo is, "He deserves a bullet in his head", He needs to be "someones bitch in jail" & "This is why you don't let hip-hop hoodrats in the position of power".....The press also released photos of other previous statuses that conjoins with their thought that Giancarlo had said in these statuses :

These are the statuses in question.....

Despite the cropped sentences and blacked out names, these posts were made in 2011 when Giancarlo was only 19 years old. Not even dreaming of becoming a politician in his older years, he never would have thought that posts like that could be manipulated to attack the character of the man that he is today.

Giancarlo himself made a public apology on his Facebook page for his comments of the past.

Stating "For immediate release

Dear Editor,

For the past few days my opponents' campaign and Mr. Truitt have attacked me with words of my past from 6 years ago. I am a flawed person who made mistakes in his youth and for the statements made years ago I am sorry. In those 6 years I have grown and matured into the community activist, minister, and elected official Dutchess County has grown to know. I am not here to make excuses for my past, but to show how people can grow from their past and become better people. I have had great people to intervene in my life as a youth to help me grow and to give me a swift kick in the rear when necessary.

As the father of a young daughter, I know the impact of my words. At every step in my tenure as Legislator unlike my opponent and Will Truitt I have denounced all sexist rhetoric especially from President Trump when he said in 2005 to “grab them by the...”.

I ask that my constituents forgive the words of a flawed human being. The great thing about being American is that we are not just simply a land of laws, but of second chances. Job 33:29 says “Our God is a God of second chances” and as a steadfast Christian, I believe this to be true. To my opponent and to Will Truitt, I forgive them for their slander and dirty tactics, and I hope the people of District 1 will do the same in forgiving me.

Many trusted friends and colleagues have advised me to play fire with fire, but I refuse to step down to the level of my opponent, Will Truitt, and the Dutchess County GOP. I am a Democrat, I’m better than that. This past sequence of events has only shown me how low Republicans are willing to go for power and how scared they must be where Will Truitt who is irrelevant to District 1 has to do the dirty work of a candidate.

My work in the community does not begin or end on election night. My work in the community is a life-long calling that I gladly answer. Until my time comes to leave this land, whether I am a Legislator or not, I will continue to fight for our youth to have programs and a community center, for our seniors to have better access to transportation, and for those suffering from the opioid crisis to find help, so that they too may have a second chance. Thank you District 1 for your continued support and for giving me the blessing to be your voice.

Your Legislator, Min. Giancarlo Llaverias

So now along with the racial undertones of everyone disbarring the name of "Giancarlo Llaverias" you have the masses sharing the article over & over without doing the proper research and just reading the headlines. This has shown why Hudson Valley failed once again in realizing the differences of right, wrong and the edited right in front of their eyes. He has been receiving multiple death threats online due to the manipulated words from his opponent. Politics should be about the people. Not about attacking someone's character for personal gain, simply to get ahead.

With everything laid out on the table. You can be the judge of what is right and what is wrong. 


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